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Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office
USD 9.99

Excel Tables PDF e-Book

An entire book explaining Ctrl+T!

USD 9.99

Ctrl+Shift+Enter Array Formula PDF e-Book

Master Excel Array Formulas

USD 9.99

Excel Outside the Box PDF e-Book

Unbelievable Excel Techniques from Bob Umlas

USD 9.99

Dashboarding and Reporting with Power Pivot and Excel PDF e-Book

USD 9.99

Guerrilla Data Analysis 2nd Edition

USD 10.00

MrExcel XL - 40 Greatest Excel Tips PDF eBook


USD 14.95

M is for (Data) Monkey

Go bananas with Power Query

USD 12.95

More Excel Outside the Box PDF eBook

Unbelievable Excel Techniques from Excel MVP Bob Umlas

USD 9.99

Learn Excel 2007-2010 from MrExcel PDF eBook

512 Excel Mysteries Solved!

USD 14.95

Power Pivot and Power BI

USD 9.99

Power Pivot Alchemy e-Book (PDF)

MrExcel and PowerPivotPro team up to simplify Power Pivot

USD 12.95

Power Excel with MrExcel PDF eBook

USD 9.99

Excel 2013 for Scientists PDF e-Book

For scientists by a scientist

USD 14.95

Learn to Write DAX

USD 9.95

Your Excel Surival Kit

A guide to surviving and thriving in an Excel world

USD 17.95

Power Excel - 2017 Edition

617 Excel Mysteries Solved

USD 9.99

Slaying Excel Dragons PDF e-Book

A beginner's guide to conquering Excel

USD 9.99

100 Excel Simulations

Gambling to Genetics using Microsoft Excel!

USD 9.99

Office VBA Macros You Can Use Today

USD 7.69

Don't Fear the Spreadsheet PDF e-Book

Makes Excel for Dummies look like it was written for rocket scientists

USD 9.99

Formulas DAX para PowerPivot (Spanish) e-Libro

USD 2.99

The Spreadsheet at 25

25 Amazing Excel Examples that Evolved from the Invention that Changed the World

USD 9.99

Excel for the CFO

USD 9.99

Excel 2010 Business Basics & Beyond e-Book

USD 9.99

Excel Gurus Gone Wild

The world's most arcane Excel book offers 60+ techniques for Excel.

USD 14.95

Supercharge Excel

Excel Power Pivot is Better When You Learn to Write DAX

USD 9.99

MrExcel LIVe - 54 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time

The 54 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time

USD 14.95

Supercharge Power BI e-book

Power BI is better when you learn to write DAX

USD 3.95

Excel Subtotals Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point