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All ProductsMicrosoft Officeexcel

MrExcel LIVe - 54 Greatest Excel Tips of All Time

This full-color book is used in Bill Jelen's live Power Excel with MrExcel seminars. It contains all of the tips and techniques you would learn in the class.

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I keep a spreadsheet that lists the books I‘ve authored. A few years ago I realized I would soon be writing book #40 and that the =ROMAN(40) is XL. Because of this joke, the MrExcel XL book was born. It became a staple at my live Power Excel seminars. For this updated second edition, I am going with Excel 54 (which will be known as Excel LIVe—LIV because it is the ROMAN(54) and the final e to point out that this is the book I use in my LIVE seminars.

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